CoDiMa Workshop - January 2020

21st to 23rd January 2020
University of Essex - Colchester Campus


CoDiMa is the Collaborative Computational Project (CCP) in the area of Computational Discrete Mathematics, supported by the EPSRC. It aims to support the ecosystem of users, extenders and developers of open source mathematical software systems, primarily GAP and SageMath, encourage best practice in their use, and support more rapid uptake of new features by their user and contributor communities.

Please visit CoDiMa website for further details about the project.

Tools for Discrete Computational Mathematics

The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of modern techniques for computational research using GAP and SageMath. We plan to give introductions to both systems, and combine lectures with practical sessions to give participants an overview and an opportunity to practice a number of techniques:


For the practical sessions, you are encouraged to bring your own code from experiment that you run with GAP or SageMath in the past, or have a particular problem that you would like to tackle with their help. Please bring a laptop with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.) on which you have administrative privileges. A working installation of GAP and SageMath is desirable. If you have problems with installing them, we can try to resolve them in the beginning of the workshop, if time permits.

Further information is be posted on the program page and in the organisational notepad for the workshop (see below).

Organisational notepad for the workshop

In this notepad, we invite you to share organisational information, and details about what you want to work on/have worked on during the workshop. Please contribute to the agenda of the workshop to make the most of it!

Registering and visiting

The workshop will take place at the University of Essex - Colchester Campus. Information about the exact location can be found on the location page.

Participation in the workshop is free but registration is essential. Registration for the workshop is now closed.

Certain financial support is available to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence for UK-based researchers in the area of discrete computational mathematics. To apply, please tick the appropriate box in the registration form, and the organisers will contact you for further details. In case of being oversubscribed, we reserve the right to prioritise applications from PhD students and early career researchers.


The workshop is organised by

If you have questions or suggestions, then please contact the organisers by email at


This workshop is organised by CCP-CoDiMa (Collaborative Computational Project in the area of Computational Discrete Mathematics, supported by the EPSRC grant EP/M022641/1) in collaboration with the Deparmtent of Mathematical Sciences at Essex.